Safety First…

Over the past few years it has become more and more apparent that people are just too scared to take a risk for fear of litigation, the health and safety culture in this country has gone too far and is seriously taking the fun out of life and making it harder to do the things we used to do.

‘Conkers banned in school, pancake race stopped for health and safety reasons’

Well the truth is, it’s not health and safety stopping these happening.

Risk Assessment is the key to controlling what risks are foreseeable, this is a vital tool that will help you recognise those risks and put in suitable control measures to minimise the realisation of the risks. Essentially its common sense that should keep you on the right track. “The law does not expect you to eliminate all risk, but you are required to protect people so far as is ‘reasonably practicable’”. Carrying out a risk assessment will identify the hazards, then takes into account who may be harmed and how, then evaluates the risk and decides on precautions that should result in a common-sense approach being taken.
Film Safely firmly believe in the ‘can do’ approach and will help you achieve your aims in a safe enjoyable manner.

  • Build and Break Safety

    Working with your contractors and management team to help deliver a safe build and break for your event.

  • Event Safety

    Work with you to make sure that your event is ready to open and stay open, addressing issues as they arise.

  • Documentation

    We can collate and audit your contractors Safety documentation to make sure they are suitable and sufficient with the correct levels of insurance cover and a safe methodology of what they are on site to do.

  • Experience

    We have over 15 years experience working on events large and small in the UK, North America and Europe.

Working With…

What Our Clients Think…

“If you need a no fuss, easy solution to your Safety and Risk Management service needs then Do It Safely are your guys.
A friendly, comprehensive, no stress, reliable, can do service, which when you are in the middle of a large scale production, is absolutely essential.”

“Regardless of whether it has been a 30k outdoor show, or an immersive experience for 3, the Rock Safely team work in partnership with us to assess all aspects of H&S ensuring a safe event is ultimately delivered. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

“We have worked with the team at Rock Safely several times across a wider variety of events, from concept to execution, and each time they have proven themselves to be extremely knowledgable, proactive and sensible.”