A bit about us….

Film Safely provides Safety Advice and Services across the UK.

Providing reliable and accurate Health and Safety advice and guidance has always been the foundation of our service.

Established in 2010 and incorporated at the start of 2015, Film Safely is part of Do It Safely Limited.

Within the group we also have Rock Safely which specialises in Live Events Safety.

Do It Safely Limited is our parent company that focuses more on Health and Safety Consulting.

We provide a very pragmatic approach to safety and firmly believe you ‘can do’ almost anything. There are too many people out there who say no without even considering what someone wants to do, they just believe if it sounds dangerous, it must be dangerous. Film Safely will look at what you want to do and we will help to make it happen.

We understand that the risks have to be assessed but that does not mean the risks have to be avoided, without an element of risk where would we be today,?

  • Technical Recces

    We will look at the safety aspect of your planned activities during the Recce phase of your project.

  • On Site Safety

    Working closely with your 1st AD, we can help, advise and support your team to achieve safe filming.

  • Documentation

    We can collate and audit your contractors Safety documentation to make sure they are suitable and sufficient with the correct levels of insurance cover and a safe methodology of what they are on site to do.

  • Experience

    We have over 15 years experience working on events and projects in the UK, North America and Europe.

Working With…

What Our Clients Think…

“We have worked with the team at Rock Safely several times across a wider variety of events, from concept to execution, and each time they have proven themselves to be extremely knowledgable, proactive and sensible.”

“If you need a no fuss, easy solution to your Safety and Risk Management service needs then Do It Safely are your guys.
A friendly, comprehensive, no stress, reliable, can do service, which when you are in the middle of a large scale production, is absolutely essential.”

“Regardless of whether it has been a 30k outdoor show, or an immersive experience for 3, the Rock Safely team work in partnership with us to assess all aspects of H&S ensuring a safe event is ultimately delivered. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”